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cosmicperspective said: Why do you hate Golden Boy, and assorted other favorites that you refuse to play?

I don’t actually hate “Golden Boy,” but dudes who stand and yell “‘Golden Boy!’” after literally every song, to the visible annoyance of their nearest neighbors — who stand, their faces falling with each “‘Golden Boy!’” as the evening progresses, the yeller oblivious to everyone’s pleasure save his own — have escorted that song permanently from the repertoire: it’s ruined for me. I’m not sure which “other favorites” you have in mind; the songs of ours people seem to like best are ones we play almost every night on tour: “No Children,” “This Year,” “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton,” “Endless Dirge for The Singer from Paul Chain Violet Theatre.” If you mean “songs a few people know from old bootlegs,” that’s cool, but I don’t actually know how to play those songs; I stopped playing them because I lost interest in them, and a band playing songs they’re not interested in any more is a band that needs to get off the damn stage. “Play with your whole heart or don’t play at all” is kind of a first precept for us. Presumably no-one would take any pleasure from some guys running through motions in which they don’t believe.

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