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gillua said: is there anything wrong with being 18 and not having a job? i'm not back in college until the fall and idk i feel like everyone is telling me i'm a lazy loser if i'm not spending all my downtime working to try and be marginally less in debt than i'm going to end up being anyway

You are asking John Darnielle for life advice. When John Darnielle was 21 he still thought cocaine was an awesome idea. John Darnielle says some clever things from time to time, but this is largely because he is all the time running off at the mouth, resulting in a rather vivid demonstration of the “broken clock is right twice a day” phenomenon. Having said that, I think work is valuable, it’s nice to get a paycheck even when it’s a small one, you meet interesting people if you’re out in the world as opposed to sitting around at home or restricting yourself to people you already know and besides all that I’ve written a lot of lyrics that people now cite as their favorites while on the clock at day jobs (Tallahassee? We Shall All Be Healed? both day-job albums) so I recommend a summer job working as harvest help on a grain elevator, which is also something I did once even though I’m totally not cut out for that kind of work and it barely paid at all, it was exhausting and barely even covered the grocery bill and I was breathing crop dust all day, which brings us back to our first observation, you are asking John Darnielle for life advice, that dude may know a thing or two about this or that but “how to effectively live your life” is maybe not his strong suit

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