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palebluethings said: is 'Drug Life' your song or is it a cover? it doesn't really seem like you except for the drugs part

It’s a cover of an East River Pipe song. It’s from a compilation whose proceeds go to charity, so, if you don’t have a hard copy of it, or at least a boughten copy, to use a word from a favorite Frost poem, may I recommend one? Its liner notes credit all the authors of the songs. Not to be a big ol’ nag or nothin’ but one area where the lines are pretty clear is “if all proceeds for a thing you might buy are earmarked for charity, availing yourself of it for free without kicking something down to charity is kinda uncool.”  It’s here, anyway, and the charities it benefits are listed here. Again, not trying to nag and wag my finger, I get that now it probably just circulates without any of its context indicated? (Which, don’t even get me started, half the fun of listening to music and possibly more than half is context, this is a very nearly religious conviction for me, all hail context forever, I know this battle is already lost however I will be waging it til my dying breath, “context!” I will cry from my deathbed, “context!” I will say to those whom I haunt later on, “I got haunted and the best my ghost can come up to scare me with is ‘context’” my hauntees will complain, everyone’s a critic, however not everyone is a ghost, yet.) 

  1. allherfavoritefruit said: one of the things i missed most when i started buying mp3s was liner notes and holding something physical and reading it over and over. i missed it so much, i started ordering physical copies again, usually on vinyl when available. album sleeves!
  2. magspag said: John, all four of my grandparents are dead. Ethnically that makes me a ghost, and I a down with you regarding context even if I don’t got much storage space for liner notes.

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