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m34twh1stl3 said: Madball and other NYHC in general: slay or pose?

Slay. I’m way more of a metal dude and having grown up out west I’m much more of an LA hardcore sympathizer, that wasted nihilist vibe — and to be honest it’s the post-metal strain of stuff like Nausea or Rorschach that really speaks to me most, but how could the answer be other than “slay”? When we were recording at Mana with Erik Rutan, Madball was slated to be the next band in the studio. Erik was amped. Erik Rutan said it, I believe it, that settles it, this has been a winning philosophy for me generally speaking

  1. drewxdeficit said: Your music has always had a hardcore-esque vibe to it despite the acoustic guitar. You have a huge following in the hardcore community, so it’s awesome to see that you’re a fan.
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